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Central Landscape Supply 2011 Catalog (PDF)

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Mycor PHC Tree Saver
Fertilizer & Root Stimulators
Mycor PHC Tree Saver
Mycor PHC Tree Saver Mycorrhizal Fungal Transplant Inoculant for Trees and Shrubs
Plant Health Care

Each Pail contains: 150, 3oz. Packs
Each Box Contains: 30, 3oz. Packs

General Information:

This product is designed to reduce transplant stress while improving soil hydration and fertility. PHC Tree Saver is a biologically active soil conditioner that is applied to the root zone of trees and shrubs at planting time. Five species of mycorrhizal fungi and six species of beneficial bacteria are packed into this formula to improve plant nutrition and soil fertility. The fungi absorb water and minerals for the roots while the bacteria fix nitrogen, solubilize phosphorus, and biodegrade organic matter making trapped minerals accessible to plants. PHC Tree Saver also contains formononetin, a naturally occuring stimulant of VA mycorrhizal fungi, Terra-Sorb® hydrogel that traps water and holds it in the root zone, and humic acids which improve availability of mineral nutrients. Seaweed meal and yucca plant extract are added as organic nutrients to support establishment of microbial populations. PHC Tree Saver:
• Provides mycorrhizal fungi that can improve absorption of water and minerals from the soil
• Stimulates native and inoculated VAM fungal growth and colonization of roots
• Provides mycorrhizal fungi that can help plants mitigate adverse environmental stresses such as drought, salinity, and extremes of soil pH

Directions for Use:
Use one 3 ounce packet per caliper inch or per 1 foot of root ball
1. Mix PHC Tree Saver evenly into the upper 8 inches of the backfill soil next
to the root ball.
2. Pack the treated backfill firmly around the root ball.
3. Mulch and water to soil saturation.

Catalog Products(53) Grower & Garden(21) Fertilizer & Ro(49)

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