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Central Landscape Supply 2011 Catalog (PDF)

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Treating Algae in Ponds Streams
Chemicals Water Treatments
Treating Algae in Ponds Streams
How to treat algae in ponds.

"How do I get rid of the green stuff in my pond?"

The key to a clean & clear pond is using the right water treatments, in the right quanities at the right time. However, sometimes despite our best efforts, ponds can become green and algae can develop.
Our Aquascape professional are here to help!
Click on the photo for a suggested algae treatment schedule.

Step 1: EcoBlast
     Use EcoBlast as directed on the container. EcoBlast treats the stream, falls and rocks.

Step 2: S.A.B. Stream & Pond Clean
     Use immediately after applying the EcoBlast. SAB treats the water in the pond. Continue to treat with SAB daily until the condition has competely cleared up.

Note: Use EcoFloc in conjunction with EcoBlast and SAB Extreme to remove any small particles in the stream, water or on the rocks that may be too small to be caught up in the filtration system. EcoFloc bonds to the particles, making them large enough to be captured by the pond's filter.

When treating a pond for algae, it is important to remember to check your filter material. As the chemicals work to remove the algae from the pond, the filtration system can quickly become filled up or clogged. Clean the filter material often to achieve a cleaner, clearer pond...faster.
Catalog Products(53) Pond Supplies(22) Chemicals Water(37)

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