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Catalog Erosion Control Fabric Erosion (39)

Weed-X Weed Shield Fabric
Fabric Erosion Control
Weed-X Weed Shield Fabric : Dalen Products Inc.
Weed-X Weed Shield Fabric Weed-X Fabric

- Non-Woven with Poly Backing
- The ultimate porous landscape fabric for permanent applications
- Rated #1 for stopping weeds by 8 university studies
- Patented dual-layer material with a 20-year weed-free guarantee

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Measure: 6" x 1"
Shade Trees
Acer - Emerald Lustre Maple
Acer - Emerald Lustre Maple
Emerald Lustre Maple
Acer platanoides 'Pond'

Height: 50-60'
Spread: 50-60'
Foliage: Glossy Green
Fall Foliage: Yellow
Exposure: Full Sun
Zone: 4-7
Catalog Erosion Control Fabric Erosion (39)

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