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Catalog Products(46) Grower & Garden(22) Insecticides(80)

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Organocide Organic!

is a nature-safe organic insecticide and fungicide.

Effective for: Insects, Mites, and Fungal Diseases!

Safe: Replaces many "hard" pesticides, no re-entry time, can even spray at harvest time or indoors, poses no risk to the enviroment, EPA exempt.

Effective: The proben choice of horticultural professionals nationwide

Unique: Patented blend of sesame and fish oils, heaveier and more effective than other oils yet is safer to theplants, no solvents.
Mosquito Dunks and Bits
Mosquito Dunks and Bits Mosquito Dunks

Kills Mosquitoes before they are old enough to bite!

- Safe for use in fish habitats
- Place in containerized standing water wherever it accumulates near the household.

For use in: Flower Pots, Tree Holes, Bird Baths, Rain Barrels, Roof Gutters, Old Tires, Unused Swimming Pools, Animal Watering Troughs

Active Ingredient: Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis solids,spores and insecticidal toxins 10.31%
Terro Outdoor Liquid Ant Bait
Terro Outdoor Liquid Ant Bait TERRO Ant Killer formula in a weather-proof station.

Kills ants outside before they get inside. The patented design keeps the liquid bait from drying out and protects it from the elements. Stakes are enclosed for additional security. (Three 1 oz. bait stations.)

Tanglefoot Red Sphere Traps Kits
Tanglefoot Red Sphere Traps Kits Tanglefoot Tangle-Trap Red Sphere Trap

The Tangle-Trap Red Sphere Trap lures flies away from the fruit as they search for egg-laying sites. Thinking the red traps are ripe fruit, the flies land and attempt to deposit eggs. Once they've landed, the flies are permanently trapped in the sticky Tangle-Trap Insect Trap Coating, which is specially formulated to remain sticky over wide temperature ranges and wet weather conditions. The coating is clear, odorless and completely pesticide-free.
Bonide Rose Rx Systemic Drench
Bonide Rose Rx Systemic Drench

Rose Rx Systemic Drench
Bonide Part #963

Quart Concentrate

Protects entire plants, even new growth, against insects and diseases. Lasts 6 weeks. Rain or watering does not wash this long lasting protection. Simply measures, mix and pour around the base of roses and shrubs, or sprinkle over the top of entire flowerbeds. ! Qt. treats up to 16 roses or other shrubs, or 200 sq. ft. of flower bed. Contains Tebuconazole and Imidacloprid.

The Bug Slug : Skeet-R-Gone
The Bug Slug Green Product!

Skeet-R Gone Concentrate Injection System

The green way to bug control!
For use with the Skeet-R Gone Irrigation System

Mosquitoes, Flies, Fleas, Gnats, No-See-Ums, Mites, Spiders, Fruit Flies, Fire Ants, Chiggers, Ticks, Silverfish, Crickets, Moths, Chinch Bugs, Ants, Palmetto Bugs and much more!
Terro Ant Dust
Terro Ant Dust TERRO Ant Dust

Unique waterproof dust kills ants for up to 8 months!

The first waterproof ant dust available to consumers! Guaranteed long-lasting protection won’t wash away in the rain; stays effective up to 8 months. Ideal for crack and crevice treatment, indoors and out. Contains Deltamethrin, the latest generation synthetic pyrethroid. An ideal replacement for Dursban and Diazanon. (1.0 lb. shaker can)

Terro Ant Killer II Liquid Bait Stations
Terro Ant Killer II Liquid Bait Stations TERRO Ant Killer II Liquid Bait Station

The same proven formula in an easy to use pre-filled station.

The same proven liquid formulation, in a convenient, pre-filled bait station. For indoor or outdoor use, TERRO is the only liquid bait station available to consumers. The patented design eliminates handling of chemicals and prevents drying out. (Six .3 oz. units)

Skeet-R-Gone Concentrate Injection Device : Skeet-R-Gone
Skeet-R-Gone Concentrate Injection Device Skeet-R-Gone Concentrate Injection Device for Sprinkler Systems

Kit Includes:
- 160PSI Injection Pump
- Exterior Enclosure Case
- Controller
- 50' of wire
- Injection tubing & fittings
- 24 VAC

* Requires fully operational backflow preventer RPZ (Reduced Pressure Zone) on sprinkler system
Terro Multi-Purpose Insect Bait
Terro Multi-Purpose Insect Bait

Outdoor Ant Killer Plus

Terro Multi-Purpose Insect Bait
Kills Ants, Carpenter Ants, Cockroaches, Crickets, Earwigs, Silverfish, Slugs and Snails.

Weather Resistant

Long Lasting!

Contains: Orthoboric Acid

Terro Ant Killer Aerosol
Terro Ant Killer Aerosol Quick and easy aerosol spray that kills the ants & keeps them away.

Two-step pest control in a convenient 16 oz aerosol spray. Pyrethrin provides instant knockdown, and Permethrin delivers long-lasting residual repellency. Spray tube attachment puts product where ants live; in cracks and crevices, behind walls and other hard-to-reach places and away from consumers. (16 oz. aerosol can)

12 per Case

Terro Outdoor Aerosol
Terro Outdoor Aerosol TERRO Outdoor Aerosol

Powerful propellant/spray head delivers a barrier spray in hard to reach places up to 20 ft away.

This powerful propellant allows you to deliver barrier spray in hard-to-reach places up to 20 feet away. The spray provides instant knockdown and long-term control. It is ideal as a perimeter barrier around foundations, doors and windows. It kills ants, roaches. Spiders and other home invaders. (19 oz. aerosol can)

12 per Case

Turf Mark Tablets
Turf Mark Liquid
1 Gallon Liquid

- Spray pattern indicator for Pesticides and Fertilizers
- Blue colorant shows exactly where you have sprayed
- Dissipates quickly in either wet or dry weather
- Won't stain hands, clothing, or equipment
- Non-toxic (Not intended for food or feed crops)
Gordons Garden Guard Insecticide
Gordons Garden Guard Insecticide Gordon's Garden Guard Insecticide
Gordon's Item #53586

Pyrethrin dust for use in and around homes. Provides rapid control of insects on vegetables, fruit, flowers, ornamental plants and around foundations, patios and decks. Controls many tupes of beetles, loopers, aphids, webworms and more. May be used up to the day of harvest
Gordons Liquid Fruit Tree Spray
Gordons Liquid Fruit Tree Spray Gordon's Liquid Fruit Tree Spray
Gordon's Item #823210 and 491600

Gordon's Liquid Fruit Tree Spray is a complete concentrate containing insecticide, fungicide, aphicide, miticide, scalicide, and spreader sticker. Easy to use; mixes with water instantly; no plugged nozzles, no messy powers to handle, measure or mix; no pre-mixing or straining necessary. Designed especially for home orchards to protect apples, cherries, grapes, peaches, strawberries, roses, evergreens, and flowers from the ravages of insects and diseases listed.
Gordons Dormant Oil Spray Insecticide
Gordons Dormant Oil Spray Insecticide Gordon's Dormant Oil Spray Insecticide
Gordon's Item #251600

Control insects in your landscaping with Gordon's Dormant Oil Spray Concentrate. This spray oil envelopes, wets, and smothers pests such as scale insects, mites, mealy bugs, juniper scale and certain aphids. This treatment may be applied to fruit and shade trees, flowers, and ornamental plants in late winter or early spring. Mix with water for desired treatment and apply with a garden sprayer or hose end sprayer to branches, limbs, twigs, and trunk. Protect your plants and trees with Gordon's Dormant Oil Spray Concentrate.

  • Active Ingredient: Paraffinic Petroleum Oil: 97.00%
  • Inert Ingredients: 3.00%
  • Bottle Size: 32 fl. oz.
  • Yield: up to 4 gallons
  • Method of Application: hose-end sprayer or garden sprayer
Terro Fruit Fly Trap
Terro Fruit Fly Trap

Fruit Fly Trap

New, ready-to-use trap prevents fruit flies from breeding and multiplying.


Terro Fruit Fly Trap is designed to lure adult fruit flies, using a special non-toxic food-based liquid lure. Flies that enter hte trap can't escape to continue breeding. Traps are most effective when placed near breeding sites.

Bug No More Lawn Insect Granules
Bug No More Lawn Insect Granules Bug-No-More Lawn Insect Granules

Economical insecticide granules for lawns and around home and foundations. Helps protect against invading ants, roaches, spiders, crickets and fleas around foundations. As a lawn treatment, use to control grubs, armyworms and cutworms.
Dr. T Mosquito Repellent
Dr. T Mosquito Repellent Dr. T's Mosquito Repellent

5lb granular formula

- Active ingredients: lemongrass, mint, garlic oil
- Pleasant alternative to poisons
- Enviromentally friendly and biodegradable; safe for use around the home, lawn, patio and pool when used as directed
- Treats up to 4,000 square feet without damaging your lawn or garden
Terro Ant Killer II
Terro Ant Killer II Terro Ant Killer II


- Liquid in plastic bottle
- Indoor use
- Controls sweet eating ants
- Contains borax
- Carded-clip strip
- The original liquid ant bait and the nation's #1 seller for 85 years.
- The #1 selling brand in the category. America's leading liquid ant killer provides fast-acting elimination of the queen and the entire colony.
- Safe for use in and around your home
- The active ingredient, borax, is recognized by the EPA as being among the safest and least toxic chemicals available to consumers (one 1oz drop bottle)
Bonide Ant Flea and Tick Killer Granules : Bonide
Bonide Ant Flea and Tick Killer Granules
Ant, Flea & Tick Killer Granules

0.25% Permethrin Fast acting, long lasting (4 weeks) insect control for lawns and home foundations. Great for ants, fire ants, fleas, ticks, crickets, earwigs, spiders, sow bugs, silverfish, clover mites, chinch bugs, armyworms, sod webworm, leaf hoppers, millipedes and certain grubs. 10 lbs treats 5,000 sq. ft.

Bonide Termite and Carpenter Ant Killer Concentrat : Bonide
Bonide Termite and Carpenter Ant Killer Concentrate
Termite & Carpenter Ant Killer Concentrate

Pint Concentrate
Quart Concentrate
1/2 Gallon Concentrate
Gallon Concentrate

13.3% Permethrin Kills termites, carpenter ants, fire ants, wood infesting beetles. Long residual action. (5 years for trenching applications). Not for sale in NY.

Bonide House Guard Flea and Roach Insect Spray : Bonide
Bonide House Guard Flea and Roach Insect Spray
House Guard Flea & Roach Insect Spray
Bonide Part #577, 578

Quart Ready to Use Spray Bottle
Gallon Ready to Use

Permethrin plus Nylar IGR. This exceptional formulation kills fleas and roaches on contact and breaks their life cycle by killing larvae, eggs, and adults. Use in the home wherever fleas or roaches are a problem. Water based, safe for carpets, drapes, upholstered furniture, pet bedding.....

Bonide House Guard Bed Bug Killer
Bonide House Guard Bed Bug Killer
House Guard Bed Bug Killer
Bonide Part #573, 574

Quart Ready to Use Spray
Gallon Ready to Use

Excellent, long lasting control of bedbugs. Great for travelers who want to protect their luggage from insect ""pick-up: at hotels. Also kills lice, fleas, ticks, clothes, moths, and carpet beetles and pantry pest.

Bonide Ant Traps
Bonide Ant Traps

Ant Traps
Bonide Part #451

Carded 3 Packs

Bygone® 0.25% Kills sweet and grease eating ants. Destroys entire colonies of house ants. Use in and around homes, cabins, stores, apartments, restaurants, trailers, campers, warehouses… indoor/outdoor use.

Bonide Annual Tree and Shrub Insect Control : Bonide
Bonide Annual Tree and Shrub Insect Control (Replaces Fertilome Tree & Shrub Systemic Insect Drench)

Annual Tree & Shrub Insect Control

Quart Concentrate
Gallon Concentrate

One application kills insects, and prevents new infestations for an entire year. No spraying, just mix and pour at base of plant. Systemic insecticide is absorbed through the roots to all parts of the plant, even new growth, and won’t wash off. For use on listed fruit, nut and ornamental trees and shrubs. Kills borers, (including Emerald Ash Borer & Asian Long horned Beetle), adelgids, miners, whitefly, scale, beetles, weevils......Not for sale in Long Island, N.Y. Contains 1.47% Imidacloprid. Compare & Save!

Effective treatment for Emerald Ash Borer!
Bonide Annual Grub Beater : Bonide
Bonide Annual Grub Beater (Replaces Fertilome Kill-A-Grub & Grub-Free Zone)

Annual Grub Beater

One annual application is all it takes to control grubs all season long.....”It’s that simple”! Also kills European Crane Fly larvae, mole crickets and other turf destroying insects. Apply any time, spring through summer. Not for sale in Long Island, NY. Contains 0.5% Imidacloprid. Compare & Save!
Bonide Beetle Bagger Japanese Beetle Trap : Bonide
Bonide Beetle Bagger Japanese Beetle Trap

Beetle Bagger Japanese Beetle Trap
Bonide Part #197

Our irresistible, dual Floral/Pheromone lure system protects over 5000 sq.ft, all season long! The “hourglass” shaped disposable collection bags trap beetles securely. Bag perforations prevent rain water collection. Retail Right packaging. Attractive display box goes anywhere – shelf displays, counter tops, peg hook displays--- Each kit contains 1 trap, 1 dual-lure and 2 collection bags.

Bonide Beetle Killer : Bonide
Bonide Beetle Killer (Replaces Fertilome 38 Plus)

Beetle Killer

Quart Hose-End-Sprayer

Lamda-cyhalothrin .5 concentrate provides the punch in this new product to knock out even the toughest beetles, like Colorado Potato, Japanese, Mexican Bean, Asian Lady, Asian Longhorn and others. Low odor, non staining formula quickly kills and repels for up to 8 weeks. Great for vegetable and flower gardens (treats up to 16000 sq. ft.), as well as trees, shrubs, turf & ornamentals. Comes with our ""Twist and Shoot"" adjustable sprayer to reach trees up to 25' tall.
Bonide Ant Killer Granules
Bonide Ant Killer Granules

Ant Killer Granules

1lb Container
4lb Shaker Jug

Permethrin .25% Fast acting and long lasting (up to four weeks) control of ants, fleas, ticks, chinch bugs, crickets and more. Excellent product for household “perimeter” treatment applications and more.

    INSECTICIDES  80 Items   Displaying 1 - 30
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Catalog Products(46) Grower & Garden(22) Insecticides(80)

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