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Lebanon Woodace PreenPlus
Lawn Fertilizers Weed Preventers
Lebanon Woodace PreenPlus
Lebanon Woodace PreenPlus Lebanon Woodace PreenPlus
Lebanon Turf Product #2456320

- Dual Active Ingredients
- Labeled for Over 400 Ornamentals
- Controls Over 150 Weeds
- Effective on Both Broadleaf and Grassy Weeds
- Dust Free Easy to Spread Carrier

Still pulling weeds in shrub beds? Woodace Preen Plus combines the power of two active ingredients for unsurpassed control of both grassy and broadleaf weeds. One application can prevent over 150 weeds from invading shrub beds and other landscape areas for up to eight months.

General Information

Specially formulated for professionals, Woodace Preen Plus is a premium weed control product for the prevention of broadleaf and grassy weeds in shrub beds, ornamental plantings, and other non-turf sites. Preen Plus can be used around over 400 ornamental plants and controls over 150 broadleaf and grassy weeds. Preen Plus offers superior weed control because it combines the power of two preemergent herbicides. Isoxaben provides excellent control of broadleaf weeds and Trifluralin (Treflan) controls grassy weeds. Together they combine to provide the most broad-spectrum reliable weed prevention available.

Woodace Preen Plus should be applied prior to weed germination . For best results apply prior to mulch or lightly incorporate into the surface of existing mulch. Activate with .5" of water from rainfall or irrigation. Preen Plus should be spread evenly over the surface. Broadcast applications should be made to get uniform coverage. In densely planted beds application over the top is permissible but avoid the accumulation of product in the leaf axis or in whorled leaves of emerging bulbs and other ornamental plants. Where possible direct the pattern below the canopy of dense vegetation to avoid reflection and accumulation at the drip line. Do not allow product to be piled up or accumulate against trunks or stems.
Catalog Contractors(5) Landscaper Supp(17) Lawn Fertilizer(16)

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