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Gordons PondMaster Aquatic Algaecide
Chemicals Water Treatments
Gordons PondMaster Aquatic Algaecide
Gordons PondMaster Aquatic Algaecide Gordon's PondMaster Aquatic Algaecide
PBI Gordon

Chelated copper formula for use in slow moving or quiescent bodies of water including fire ponds, fresh water lakes, fish hatcheries and potable water reservoirs. Also useful for algae control in crop and non-crop irrigation conveyance systems. Controls green and blue-green algae, diatoms and flagellates. Will not harm fish or livestock when used as directed.
Active Ingredient: *Copper as elemental 8%
* Derived from copper-triethanolamine complex and copper hydroxide.
* Contains .8 pounds of elemental copper per gallon.

For use in slow moving or quiescent bodies of water.
Areas treated with Pondmaster Aquatic Algaecide may be used for fishing, swimming, drinking, watering livestock and irrigating crops, turf, fairways, puting greens and ornamental plants immediately after treatment.

For use in slow moving or quiescent bodies of water including:
Golf Course, Fish, Irrigation and Fire Ponds. Fresh Water Lakes and Fish Hatcheries. Potable Water Resevoirs and Associated Waters (Rivers, Streams, Bay and Coves). Crops and NOncrop Irrigation Conveyance Systems (Canals, Laterals and Ditches)

Methods of Application:
Surface Application: Spray diluted mixture from shore or boat evenly across the surface of the water.
Subsurface Application:
In deeper water, make a subsurface application of Pondmaster Aquatic Algaecide at recommended rates through weighted trailing hoses where the greatest concentration of algae is present. Do not drag hoses on the bottom.
Polymer Application:
A polymer may be added to Pondmaster Aquatic Algaecide or a Pondmaster Aquatic Algaecide water premix to improve sinking, deposition and retention of the spray. Consult the manufacturer's recommendations regarding the use of a polymer for improved algae control.
Invert Emulsions:
This product may be subsurface applied alone or in combination with other herbicides, including Diquat, by injecting the products in an invert emulsion carrier. Invert applications should be made through weighted hoses drug below the surface of the water. Observe all precautions and limitations on the labels of all products used with this product.

Fish Note:
Pondmaster Aquatic Algaecide may be toxic to trout and other species of fish. Fish toxicity generally decreases when the hardness of hte water increases.

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Available Colors:
Fieldstone (Gray)
Riverbed (Brown)
Autumn Bluff (Red)
Sandstone (Tan)
Measures: 18"H x 30"L x 23"W
Catalog Products(46) Pond Supplies(22) Chemicals Water(35)

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