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Central Landscape Supply 2020 Catalog (PDF)

Please Note: Prices listed in the catalog are subject to change based upon fluctuating markets.
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TACPAC Guar Gum Tackifier
Hydro-Seed Supplies
TACPAC Guar Gum Tackifier
TACPAC Guar Gum Tackifier TACPAC Guar Gum Tackifier
Central Fiber Corporation

When superior performance counts; when you want peace of mind about your finished job; when your reputation is on the line...only one tackifier can be your choice -- TACPAC GT.
Packed in easy-to-handle 10lb. bags and shipped in convenient 40lb. cases, TACPAC GT is a concentrated, time-proven, convenient and economical way to get the job done...the first time.

Physical Properties
Density: TACPAC GT - .65 grams/cc
Hazardous Components: None
Percent Volume: 0% at 70 degrees F
Appearance: Cream-colored powder
Water Miscibility: Thickener
Odor: Mild
Packaging: 10lb. bags, 4 bags per case
Description and Recommended Uses
TACPAC GT is an organic derivative vegative gum material containing no toxic chemicals or harmful substances. It is environmentally safe to plant and animal life. Material Safety and Data Sheets are available on request.

Primary Use

Performance Characteristic
Hydroseeding Mulch Tackifier     
Binds fiber, seed and soil particles together. Assists in temporary erosion control during seed germination and plant development. Aids water retention by the fiber, mulch and soil.
Straw/Hay Overspray Binder     
Cures to a water-insoluble film that stabilizes the vegetative mulch against wind and water erosion.
Temporary Soil and Sand Stabilization     
Binds soil particles together for excellent temporary erosion control.
Slurry Lubricant for Virgin Wood Mulch     
Lubricates the slurry mix, reducing plugging problems.
Application Rates
Fiber Mulch Tackifier -- Under normal conditions, above 50 degrees F, on slopes of 2:1 or less, apply at the rate of 20lbs. per acre. For slopes greater than 2:1, apply at a rate of 40lbs. per acre.

Soil Stabilization -- Apply at the rate of 40 to 60 lbs. per acre mixed in 800 to 1000 gallons of water. For better performacnce and a more even application, add 150lbs. of fiber mulch per acre.

Slurry Lubricant -- Add 1lb. of TACPAC GT per 100lbs. mulch fiber.
Recommended Mixing Procedure
Fill tank with water up to the bottom agitator, then engage agitator to Maximum RPM. Continue to fill tank and slowly add required amount of TACPAC GT to the forceful stream of water. After tackifier is thoroughly mixed with water, then add seed, fiber mulch and fertilizer.

Low temperatures (below 50 degrees F) and high humidity conditions rettard the drying curing time of TACPAC GT. The product should not be applied if rain or snowfall is imminent. Under normal drying conditions, TAPCPAC GT should be allowed to cure for 24-48 hours proior to watering. TACPAC GT becomes very slippery when mixed with water. For crew safety, keep machine decks and equipment clean by flushing water.

Catalog Products(51) Landscaper Supp(18) Hydro-Seed Supp(10)

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