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Catalog Products(51) Grower & Garden(22) Soil Amendment(34)

Central Landscape Supply 2020 Catalog (PDF)

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Horticultural Perlite - Coarse Grade
Soil Amendments
Horticultural Perlite - Coarse Grade
Horticultural Perlite - Coarse Grade Horticultural Perlite -Coarse Grade

4 CuFt Bags

Perlite has been used for years in:
• professional potting soils and soils mixes.
• container growing
• propagate cuttings
• outdoor mixes, turf, grass and outdoor plantings.
• gardens, raised box, roof top, Green roof systems. Ect.
• 100% perlite growing applications,
• commercial and amateur hydroponic growing
• water conservation in landscaping and gardening.

Perlite is used in the horticultural industry because it provide aeration and drainage, it can retain and hold substantial amounts of water and release it as needed, perlite is sterile and free from diseases, Perlite has a neutral pH. Perlite is readily available, non-toxic, safe to use, and inexpensive. Perlite last longer and will not deprive plants of total nitrogen (N) Like rice hulls. It functions much better in hydroponics then other medias. Perlite has been used for years by both professionals and amateurs growers and gardeners. The advantages of 100% perlite growing media are not limited to weight savings only. Horticultural perlite is an inorganic mineral of volcanic origin. Thus, it does not rot or deteriorate but continues to function in the growing media even after multiple uses in addition, because of its unique properties, particles of horticultural perlite will retain approximately three to four times their weight in water. This is an important consideration with container plantings as this type of planting tends to dry out faster. This feature of perlite will produce healthier plants while requiring far less attention and less water. This water holding ability of horticultural perlite also increases its nutrient holding capacity when water-soluble fertilizers are used. In addition, horticultural perlite provides aeration to the growing mix which is essential for optimum plant development.

Catalog Products(51) Grower & Garden(22) Soil Amendment(34)

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