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Lawn Roller
Sod Tools
Lawn Roller
Lawn Roller Lawn Roller
Precision Products Inc. Model #RL2448

- 48"
- Steel

Weight filled with water = 784 lbs. or 71 Gallons
Weight filled with sand = 1,257 lbs.

Using your lawn roller:

- Remove the expansion plug by lossening the wing nut.
- Fill your roller with water or sand to recommended weight for your towing equipment (mower or lawn tractor). Do not go over your towing equipments weight limit. Failure to do so can result in damage to the towing equipment and/or personal injury.
- Replace the expansion plug and tighten the wing nut. Make sure the plug is tight enough to stop any leakage.
- Your lawn should be moist for best rolling conditions. Excessive water or muddy conditions are not recommended.
- Keep your mower or lawn tractor at a safe and steady speed. 3-4 MPH is a good speed for proper operation.
- Damage to your mower, lawn tractor and/or personal injury can occur is your start or stop the roller (filled) abruptly.
- When finished using the roller, drain and let the intUpdateerior fully dry. Never leave water in the lawn roller during cold weather. Freezing can occur, damaging the welded seams causing leaks and/or structural failure.
Catalog Products(46) Sod Tools(12)

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