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Tomahawk Tree Stabilizing Anchors
Tree Protection
Tomahawk Tree Stabilizing Anchors
Tomahawk Tree Stabilizing Anchors Tomahawk Tree Stabilizing Anchors
Border Concepts

- Tomahawk™ Tree Stabilizers eliminate above-ground tree staking & simplify deep root watering and fertilizing.

- Easy & quick to Install

- Below-grade

- Strong

- Reuse if desired

- No removal necessary

- No tree girdling

- Notched for guying in extreme wind

- Holes for fertilizing

- Eases maintenance

- Promotes trunk growth

- No wire or twine needed

- Available in three sizes

- Made of heavy gauge tubular steel

32” Tomahawk – This size should be specified for the majority of trees with root ball depths up to and including 24 inches.  Varieties known to be extremely top heavy such as Pyrus calleryana ‘Bradford’ – ‘Bradford’ Callery Pear and most Gleditisia – Honeylocust varieties may need to be installed using one size larger.  The same rules regarding soil types as stated above with the 24” Tomahawk applies.  Once again, using the caliper method all trees from the 1.75” up to and including the non-top heavy 3.5” caliper trees can be installed with this size.

42” Tomahawk
– This size will handle all root balls up to and including 36 inches in depth.  The same rules and suggestions especially those comments about top-heavy varieties apply to this size.  Depending on the geometry of the earth ball, consideration to specify or use 3 Tomahawks per should be considered.  This size should handle most varieties up to 5” caliper.

Catalog Products(46) Grower & Garden(22) Tree Protection(21)

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