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Tools for Pavers Block
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    TOOLS FOR PAVERS BLOCK  38 Items   Displaying 1 - 30
Sand Pull Pro - Adjustable : Pave Tech
Sand Pull Pro - Adjustable SandPull Pro Adjustable Screed System
Pave Tech Part #022303

The SandPull Pro adjustable series from Probst is the improved way to increase crew efficiency, comfort and safety. The latest profile design can accommodate the Extension Kit for adjustable screed widths. Using your existing screed rails, edge restrain, (Pave Edge) or curbin, you can screed the job faster and with more accuracy.

3' & 5' Aluminum Heads
Extension Kit (adds up to 2.5')

Sand Pull - Two Sided Head : Pave Tech
Sand Pull - Two Sided Head

Sand Pull Tool
Pave Tech Part #022202

The SandPull helps make the sand screeding process faster and easier. One side is used to pull back excess sand to where it will be needed next dyring the screeding process. The other rounded side is used for filling in screed pipe marks and for touch-up after the dog or the home owner walks across your project. After removing your screed pipes, add some sand to the boid and pull the SandPull across the top. It will ride on the screeded sand and screed off your filled void.

- 30" Wide
- 2 Sided head
- More efficient than a shovel
- Makes screeding much easier on the screed operator(s)
- Perfect width and weight to float on top of the screeded sand
- Greatly reduces the amount of time spent on your knees with a trowel.

PaverPaws Paver Paws
Pave Tech Part #011202

Weighs: 2.5lbs
Lifting Capacity: 22lbs each
Operating Range: 6-10"

One handed option for two handed pavers. Production time on installations using 6" x 9" pavers and larger is greatly increased. Set boot end against the laying edge when placing the paver. If the tooth end is against the laying end, it will not be possible to place the paver tight.

- Replaceble serrated spring steel teeth
- Rubber grip handle
Yo-Ho 10x10 Tamper with Wood Handle : Yeoman
Yo-Ho 10x10 Tamper with Wood Handle Yo-Ho Tamper with Wood Handle
Yo-Ho Part #15100

Measures: 10" x 10"
Paver Square Pro 11 - Folding Layout Square : Pave Tech
Paver Square Pro 11 - Folding Layout Square Paver Square
Pave Tech Part #400020

- Lightweight Stainless Steel (6 lbs.)
- Folds to a compact 3" wide by 73" long
- Unfolds into 48" x 68" layout square
- Provides 45 degree and 90 degree angles

The Paver Square is a quick way to establish your 90 degree angle to start laying pavers. Use in any application where accurate 45 degree and 90 degree angles need to be established or maintained.
Just slide to open and layout square is ready to use!
Gold Mason String Line
Gold Mason String Line Gold Mason String Line

Available in: 425' and 215ft
Winter Supplies | Tools for Pavers Block
Brick Clip
Brick Clip Brick Clip

- Clips on to brick without drilling holes
- Holds up to 25 lbs.
- Works great to attach Christmas Wreaths or anything else to a brick wall.
Keson - Carpenter Pencil
Keson - Carpenter Pencil Carpenter Pencils
Keson Industries
Brick Chisels with Guards
Brick Chisels with Guards Brick Chisels with Guards

Available Sizes:
2 1/4"
3" x 7"
3 1/2" x 7"

Paver Splitter : Pave Tech
Paver Splitter Paver Splitter
Pave Tech Part #039150

Weighs: 91 lbs
Cutting Length: 13"
Cutting Height: 3/8" to 4 3/4"

- Fixed, Angled table
- Perfect for tumbled pavers
- Enables operators to make double cuts nad undercuts
- Ensure tight abutting of split pavers

Floating upper blades ensure uniform contact top and bottom for cleaner, crisper splits. Four-sided blades top and bottom enable rotating to a fresh blade, should a blade wear.  Not recommended or warranted for use on natural stone!

Slab Grabbers : Pave Tech
Slab Grabbers

Slab Grabber
Pave Tech Part #017025 & 017026

Medium 10" x 12"
Large 14 3/4" x 24"

- Works equally well on retaining wall blocks and slabs
- 3 different sizes to accommodate a large range of products
- Pivoting heads provide excellent contact on the split face side

When working with slabs, the SlabGrabber allows tight placement at the laying edge without fear of pinched fingers. When working with retaining wall blocks, the SlabGrabber grips the front and back of the block, allowing it to work with almost all manufacturer's sizes and places the block tight, side by side.
Note: The SlabGrabber is not designed to be or used as a "Brick Tong"

Steel Tampers
Steel Tampers Steel Tampers
Kenyon Midwest Company

8" x 8" x 3/8" Plate
60" Handle Length
(Kenyon Midwest Part #85058)

10" x 10" x 1/4" Plate
60" Handle Length
Kenyon Midwest Part #85050
Hand Operated Pounder : Pave Tech
Hand Operated Pounder Paver Pounder Hand Operated Tamper
Pave Tech Part #029054

1 Tamper Bit for compact base
2  Pounder Shaft

- The handle can be disassembled quickly for maintenance
- 20lb Hammer Rod is made of hardened steel
- The smaller plate keeps the surface area small and compaction force high
- Locking Quick Pin for easy connection

The Paverpounder is a slide hammer that includes three bits, the 6" x 6" tamper bit plate, a 3" wide chisel bit and a breaker bit.
Sliding the 20 lbs hammer rod up and down inside the handle allows exact placement of tamper plate without movement. This allows the base in the tight areas that the compactor can't reach to be properly compacted. Reduces or eliminates call-backs due to the base in these areas settling later.
Paver Scribe : Pave Tech
Paver Scribe Paver Scribe
Pave Tech Part #029031

- Made completely of metal-
- Suitable for professional use
- Can be used to measure all available types of pavers and slabs
- Pivoting angle finder to establish angle
- Locking lever to hold paver length measurement 

Permanent Markers for Pavers : Pave Tech
Permanent Markers for Pavers Permanent Marks for Pavers
Pave Tech Part #029034

12 Markers per Box
Quick Draw Paver Tool : Pave Tech
Quick Draw Paver Tool

Quick Draw Paver Tool
Pave Tech Part #029026

- Designed specifically to mark concrete or clay pavers
- Solid, all aluminum and stainless steel construction
- Can hold almost any marking tool
- Increase marking speed easily by 400-600%
- Assures marking accuracy and consistency
- Unit glides easily along most edge restraints (like Pave Edge)
- Guide wheel rolls along curbs, walls and more!

Paver Adjuster/Re-Alignment Bar : Pave Tech
Paver Adjuster/Re-Alignment Bar Paver Adjuster, Re-Alignment Bar for Aligning Pavers
Pave Tech Part #012050

- Designed to be used standing up
- Replaceable spring steel tooth
- Hand and foot rests to drive into joint
- Rubber grip handles
- Gold zinc plated finish

The Paver Adjuster is the easiest way to adjust bond lines. It is designed to be used standing up, using body weight to shift the pavers with th ereplaceable spring steel tooth. The Paver Adjuster is driven down into the joint by applying pressure to the foot rest which is directly above the tooth. Stretch a stringline across a chosen bond line and shift the pavers until the line is straight.

Paver Cart VTK-V : Pave Tech
Paver Cart VTK-V Paver Cart

- Overall width is 45"
- 12" Diameter Tires
- Adjustable clamping shoes fit most paver shapes and sizes
- High tensile steel with gold zinc plating
- Reduced weight perforated steel backing plate
- Secure over-center cam action operating handle
- Adjustable clamping feet for reaching longer pavers
- Use to move banded and un-banded pavers
- Roller on bottom keeps cart from falling through missing pallet boards and enables rolling band and cart off pallets

Paver Saver Uni Mat : Pave Tech
Paver Saver Uni Mat Paver Saver Uni Mat
Pave Tech Part #201505

- Urethane Mat
- 22" x 30"
- Universal design for use on most compactors
- For use when compacting clay pavers or textured surface pavers

This specially formulated urethane ruber mat is a universal mat that can be trimmed to the size of almost any compactor plate. It is designed to help reduce damage to textured surface pavers, clay brick, natural stone and paving slabs. Since it absorbs some of the compactors energy, it will slightly reduce the forward speed. However, this special urethane mat minimizes the slow down normally caused by other protective mats. Protective mats may also require more passes during the compaction process to achieve complete paver lock-up.
Keson -Soap Stone Stone Holder
Keson -Soap Stone Stone Holder Soap Stone
Soap Stone Holder

Keson Industries
Dripless Caulk Guns Blue
Dripless Caulk Guns Blue Dripless Caulk Guns
Newborn USA Part #112D

Drip-Free Hex
Rod Prallel Frame

- 10:1 Thrust Ratio
- Patented "Caulk Buddy" Finishing Tool with Caps
- Drip-Free Spring Clip
- E-Z Thrust
- E-Z Load Front Cap
- Ladder Hook
DEL Lifting Systems Block Lifter
DEL Lifting Systems Block Lifter Retaining Wall Block Lifter
- Designed to lift up to a 12" deep block

Adjustable Shaft
- Adjusts Block Lifter down to lift a 9" deep block
Slit Foam Roller : SRW
Slit Foam Roller Slit Foam Roller

This slit-foam roller remains spongy (not compresed) during your project makign for smooth applciation for textured surfaces. Recommended for use with SRW Paver Seal product line.
2.5 Gallon Sprayer
2.5 Gallon Sprayer 2.5 Gallon Sprayer
SRW Part #SP35C

- The Hand-held SP35C Sealer Sprayer features highgrade Viton seals and an easy-to-clean design. Built to handle aggressive chemicals.

- 3.5 Gallon capacity
- 20" Brass Wand
- 42 psi maximum pressure
- 47" industrial hose (rated @ 300 psi)
Paver Grip - Slip Resistant : SRW
Paver Grip - Slip Resistant Paver Grip

SRW SR Slip-Resistant Paver Grip is an additive you add to SRW LG and HG Sealers to improve the slip-resistance on pavers and concrete surfaces.

- Lightweight and clear in appearance, will not discolor
Paver Extractor SZ : Pave Tech
Paver Extractor SZ Paver Extractor

Opening Range: 3 1/2" to 13"
Weight: 9 lbs.

- QuickPINS for fast adjustments
- Replaceable serrated spring steel teeth
- Rubber handles
- Gold Zinc plated finish
29oz Dripless Caulk Gun
29oz Dripless Caulk Gun Dripless Caulk Gun
Newborn USA Part #217D

Super Ratchet Rod
29 oz

- 6:1 Thrust Ratio
- Drip-Free Spring Clip
- Seal Puncture Tool
- Built-in Spout Cutter
- Ladder Hook
- No Pinch Finger Guard
Caulk Gun
Caulk Gun Caulk Gun
Newborn USA Part #77

Ratchet Rod Cradle

- 5:1 Thrust Ratio
- All Steel Welded Construction
Caulk Gun
Caulk Gun Caulk Gun
Newborn USA Part #105

Smooth Rod Cradle

- 10:1 Thrust Ratio
- Seal Puncture Tool
- Built-in Spout Cutter
- Ladder Hook
The Kracker Block Splitter : The Kracker
The Kracker Block Splitter The Kracker Block Splitter

- No long lever to pull
- Hydraulic Foot Operation
- 2 Year Warranty

Cutting decorative, retaining wall stones and pavers will never be the same. Every so often an innovative new tool comes along that alows you to work more quickly and with greater precision. The Kracker is just such a toola nd is used to precisely cut Versa-Lok, Keystone, EP Henry, Mesa, other pre-cast retaining wall systems and brick pavers

    TOOLS FOR PAVERS BLOCK  38 Items   Displaying 1 - 30
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Catalog Products(46) Hard Products(12) Tools for Paver(38)

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