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Catalog Products(51) Grower & Garden(22) Tree Protection(22)

Central Landscape Supply 2020 Catalog (PDF)

Please Note: Prices listed in the catalog are subject to change based upon fluctuating markets.
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Tree Pruning Sealer
Tree Protection
Tree Pruning Sealer : Tanglefoot
Tree Pruning Sealer The Tanglefoot Company Tanglefoot Tree Pruning Sealer

For pruning cuts and tree injuries
For use on Fruit, Shade Trees and Ornamentals

Ready to use all-weather sealer. It seals pruning cuts and tree wounds and provides a flexible and waterproof seal.

Tanglefoot Tree Pruning Sealer
helps minimize sap flow and exclude moisture from wounds or injuries caused by pruning and trimming. The product encourages natural healing, and provides pruning cuts with a clean, professional appearance. Fruit, shade and ornamental trees which are susceptible to canker or systematic diseases can also benefit greatly from applications of Tanglefoot Tree Pruning Sealer.

Ready to use, Tanglefoot Tree Pruning Sealer is fast drying and can be applied during most weather conditions immediately after pruning. For your convenience, the product is available in a variety of sizes ranging from 8 ounce bottles to one-gallon cans, including an easy-to-use 9 ounce aerosol spray.

Directions for Use:

Shake well before using. Spray with can upright 6" from area to be sprayed with nozzle pointed away from eyes. Spray in short bursts using even strokes.
Trees can be pruned anytime, however, the best time is during the dormant season. When removing branches, make cuts at the trunk or fork of the tree cutting at a slight angle cutting just beyond the branches bark ridge. Always make clean, sharp cuts.

Catalog Products(51) Grower & Garden(22) Tree Protection(22)

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