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Aquascape Rain X Change Rain Barrels
Rain Barrel
Aquascape Rain X Change Rain Barrels : Aquascape
Aquascape Rain X Change Rain Barrels Aquascape RainXChange Rain Barrel

Available in:
Sandstone (Aquascape Part #98767)
Terra Cotta (Aquascape Part #98766)

RainXChange Rain Barrel includes:
- Brass spigot
- 1.5" overflow pipe
- Overflow elbow
- 2 Zip ties
- Teflon tape

- Large 75 gallon capapcity
- 5 year warranty
- Requires no electricity
- Large safety overflow keeps water in the barrel or away from the house
- Lid can also be used as a planter
- Thick plastic walls are durable and will withstand extreme conditions
- Childproof lockable lid
- Brass spigot for garden hose connection
- Made in the USA
How it works:

Rainwater travels through your downspout and enters the RainXChange Rain Barrel filter screen, removing large debris such as leaves, sticks and also prevents mosquitoes from entering the RainXChange Rain Barrel. When the barrel is full, the barrel will divert the excess water through a large internal 1.5" overflow pipe, and out th ebottom where it can be directed away from your foundation. The barrel canhold up to 75 gallons of rainwater for future use. Multiple barrels can be connected together to increase water storage using the optional connection kit (Aquascape Part #98811)


It's simple, the RainXChange Rain Barrel can be incorporated into existing gutter and drainage systems.
It's responsible! Water restrictions do not apply to rain barrels. Storing rain water allows you to keep gardens growing during waterign restrictions and reduce the burden for municipal water.
It's beneficial. Rain water is better for plants than municipally treated water.

Catalog Products(46) Decor More(2)

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