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Split Dog Bone Rubber Paver
Split Dog Bone Rubber Paver
Split Dog Bone Rubber Paver N.G.L. Products, LLC
Green Product!

Split Dog Bone Rubber Pavers

Available in Red or Green

Low cost and environmentally friendly, made from 100% recycled tires
Extra shock absorption and protection
Ideal surface for replacing dirty, dusty and hard slick surfaces
Extreme durability with comfort and resilience
Easy to install
Excellent self-drainage - no puddles
Tough, flexible, Iong-lasting
Safe footer, slip resistant with the industry's highest co-efficient of friction
Product Specifications:
Molded from recycled rubber products Can not shrink, buckle warp or crack.
Can be easily cut with table, chop, jig or band saw.
Dimension: Dog-bone configuration , 7 3/4" long; 6 1/4" wide at top & bottom; and 4 1/2" center width
Depth: Two versions: 7/8" and 1 3/4" Thick
Weight: 2.5 lbs each for 1 3/4 block; 1.25 lbs each for 7/8'” block
3.42 Paver Blocks per square foot
Colors: Burgundy/Red
Optional Colors: Green. Black and Blue available on orders 5,000 sq. ft. and above.
Hardness: 80 Durometer Standard
Thermal Resistance: R = 2.32 (ASTM C518-76)
Thermal Conductivity: K = 0.75 (ASTM D257)
Thermal Stability: -40 C to •90 C
Freeze/Thaw: No charge (-40 C. 40 cycles)
Accelerated Weathering: No change (2500 hours)
Electrical Conductivity: (1.1 x 10.4 Siernans/Meter)
Tensile Strength: 2,000 psi minimum (ASTM D4l2)
Compression Endurance: 10,000 cycles with 10 ton load with no deterioration
Abrasion Resistance: 0.3812 g loss (2,000 cycles Taber abrader 1 kg)
Coefficient of Friction: 0.64 dry. 0.79 wet (ASTM D1894)
Catalog Products(48) Hard Products(12) Pavers(28)

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