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Central Landscape Supply 2020 Catalog (PDF)

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Hydroseeding HydroBond Tackifier
Hydro-Seed Supplies
Hydroseeding HydroBond Tackifier
HydroBond Tackifier

- Applied at a rate of 3 lbs. per acre
- Lasts 5-6 weeks
- Works for dust control on non-traffic areas

HydroBond is a safe, non-toxic linear anionic polymer that can be used with any paper or fiber mulch products. The anionic high molecular weight polymer binds the hydroseeding media to the soil particles. Unlike guar products that form a thin film barrier and repels water, HydroBond is hydropholic and allows water into the mulch matrix. By bonding the mulch matrix to the soil and allowing water into the matrix, HydroBond provides a better environment for seed germination and establishment.

HydroBond is a synthetic material that is free of weed seed and any organic containments. It is compatible with biostimulants, fertilizers and surfactants. HydroBond improves the performance of any mulch material. It will not clump in the tank and clog the spray nozzle. HydroBond lubricates the slurry mix and tightens the slurry stream and will increase the shooting distance.

Economical and easy to apply, only three pounds per acre is required. While providing a better environment for seed establishment, HydroBond will break down from UV light in 5-6 weeks.

HydroBond can be used as a temporary dust abatement in non-traffic areas. On flat areas or slopes of less than 6:1, only three pounds per acre is required. HydroBond can be applied as a temporary soil stabilizer to protect against erosion. HydroBond can be applied through hydraulic equipment for clarifying sediment/holding ponds.

• Economical and easy to apply
• Increases performance of mulch matrix
• Bonds mulch matrix to the soil
• Lubricates and tightens slurry stream
• Reduces erosion
• Compatible with other hydroseeding amendments


When used as a tackifier with paper or fiber mulch, add three pounds per acre. Slowly pour HydroBond into the water and thoroughly mix in the tank. Add mulch, seed, fertilizer and any other components in the tank and thoroughly mix.

Straw Tacking:
Apply three pounds per acre with 750 pounds of wood or paper mulch.

Temporary Dust Control:
Apply to non-traffic areas only at a rate of 3 pounds per acre with 1000 gallons of water. On slopes of 4:1 to 2:1 apply at a rate of 6-12 pounds per acre.

Clarifying sediment/holding ponds:
Slowly pour two-three pounds of HydroBond into 1000 gallons of water while the tank is agitating. Thoroughly mix for 15 minutes and spray to one surface acre of water.

Product characteristics:

Chemical: Anionic linear copolymer of acrylamide

Appearance: White granular

Molecular Weight: 14.5 mg/mole +/- 1

Maximum Concentration: 5g/l

Viscosity: 2410 cps

Acute Toxicity:

Fish: LC/50 Pimephales Promelas/96 hours > 100 mg/l.

Biodegradation: Not readily biodegradable

Complies and Certified with NSF International ANSI/NSF 60, drinking water.

Catalog Products(51) Landscaper Supp(18) Hydro-Seed Supp(10)

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