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LebanonTurf ProScape Fertilizer
Lawn Fertilizers Weed Preventers
LebanonTurf ProScape Fertilizer
LebanonTurf ProScape Fertilizer 19-0-6 with 33% MESA and Confront 3
LebanonTurf ProScape Product #2153580

Covers Approximately: 11,500Sq.Ft.
Controls Broadleafs

An innovative new pre/post combination product that is like getting a tank mix in a bag! Confront 3 controls broadleaf weeds and Dimension takes out seedling crabgrass and provides season long preemergent control. This product has a long window of application and allows you to fertilize, control weeds, and prevent crabgrass all with a single pass. Spring doesn’t need to be crunch time, get ProScape Confront 3 + Dimension and turn your spreader into a time machine!

Controlled Release Technology
ProScape combines the benefits of Dimension and Confront in one labor saving produc.t Now you can control grassy annual weeds, broadleaf weeds, and fertilize all with a single granula application. Dimension provides excellent control of crabgrass and other grassy annual weeds with no yellow staining. Dimension extends the treatment window by controlling emerged crabgrass up to the three-leaf stage. Conftont 3 incoroporates the latest advances in postemergent herbicide technology providing excellent systemic control of broadleaf weeds. This product is labeled for use on most turf sites including residential lawns. A small particle ensure even distribution and suprior foliar contact for optimum results. The new fertilizer base is a two-step made by combining a specialy formulated homogenous particle with MESA nitrogen. Our exclusive MESA nitrogen delivers fast response, brilliant color, reduce flush grwoth, adn reliavel extended feeding under a wide range of growing conditions. Vigorous turf quickly fills in behind retreating weeds for a beautiful lawn.

Catalog Products(48) Landscaper Supp(18) Lawn Fertilizer(16)

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