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Central Landscape Supply 2020 Catalog (PDF)

Please Note: Prices listed in the catalog are subject to change based upon fluctuating markets.
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BP PRo Sealer Joint Sand Stabilizer for Block and Pavers
BP Pro Products
BP PRo Sealer Joint Sand Stabilizer for Block and Pavers
BP PRo Sealer Joint Sand Stabilizer for Block and Pavers

Green Product!

Joint Stabilizing Sealer for Interlocking Paving
BP Pro Paver & Block Products

BP Pro Joint Stabilizing Sealer is designed specifically for use on block paving to stabilize joint sand and seal the paver surface. It is a water-based single component polymer that penetrates into the pores and seals the surface with a coating that gives you a natural looking satin sheen. Joint Stabilizing Sealer is a green product that is solvent free and environmentally friendly. It is VOC, EPA, OSHA and FDA compliant. It is non-hazardous and non-toxic and has the consistency of water. It is milky white with a slight odor when in its liquid state and dries clear. It can be used indoors and outdoors because it is safe and UV stable, on both new and existing projects. Joint Stabilizing Sealer can be applied immediately after pavement completion because it will not trap efflorescence and whiten. The product is easy to install and offers increased stain protection and protection from the elements. Cured product is heat and freeze resistant.

Breathable - Will not trap efflorescence and whiten
Dual-purpose - Sealer and joint sand stabilizer
Durable chemical sand bond - Reduces weeds and insects
Eco-friendly - Solvent free, will not kill plants or damage building materials

Contains: Dipropylene Glycol Methyl Ether

Great for residential projects, vehicular traffic, pool decks.
  • Keeps weeds and insects out of pavers
  • Immediate application
  • Satin Sheen
  • Natural Look

    Natural Look- Dual purpose surface and join sand stabilizer
    Breathable- no whitening
    Immediate Application- Seal immediately, no waiting period
    Stabilized Joint Sand- Significantly reduces weeds and insect infestations
    Satin Sheen Finish-attractive beautifying finish
    Bonds joint Sand- Reinforces structural integrity
    Stain Protection- Easy clean barrier
    Film Forming- No wear aptterns
    Water Resistant- Portects from teh enbiroment
    Antifade- Maintains surface colors
    Salt Guard-Protects against freeze-thaw damage
    Ready to use- No mixing
    Longevity- 2 to 4 years
    Eco-friendly- Solvent free, will not kill plants or damage building materials

Dry Time = 30 minutes to 3 hours teh surface should be dry to the touch

Cure Time = 24 hours for initial join sand stabilization which occurs quickly, but complete curing will take additional time

Vehicle and Precipition = 24 hours
Catalog Products(51) BP Pro Products(4)

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