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Catalog Products(48) Hard Products(12) Tools for Paver(38)

Tools for Pavers Block
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    TOOLS FOR PAVERS BLOCK  38 Items   Displaying 31 - 38
Paver Folding Layout Square
Paver Folding Layout Square

Layout Square for Pavers
C. H. Hanson Part #00345

Only true 3' x 4' x 5'

- Collapsing triangle guarantees precision layout
- Easy to use, faster, more accurate, folds to store
- Accurate to within1/32"
- Made in the USA
- Patented

Used for carpentry, layout, angle layout, squaring, framing timber, masonry, pavers andmuch more!

Husqvarna Stand For Portasaw
Husqvarna Stand For Portasaw

Folding Steel Stand
Husqvarna part #034040

For use with Husqvarna Portable Masonry Saws
(Fits Portasaw MS355 & MS355G)

Paver Persuader Rubber Hammer : Pave Tech
Paver Persuader Rubber Hammer Paver Persuader Rubber Hammer
Pave Tech Part #012060

Weighs: 6 lbs
Handle Length: 32"
Angled, Replaceable Rubber Pads

The Paver Persuader is a rubber hammer designed specifically for tightening up the paver laying edge. The angled design helps apply force low on the paver. If force is applied high, the paver can twist, causing sand up into the joint. If this happens, the paver needs to be lifted out and re-set. The Paver Persuader is not designed, nor built to be used as a sledge hammer, such as setting or shifting retaining wall block.

Speed Square
Speed Square Aluminum Speed Square
Keystone Shoulder Pins
Keystone Shoulder Pins Retaining Wall Shoulder Pins
Keystone Retaining Wall Systems
String Along Collar : SRW
String Along Collar The SRW Products StringAlong collar makes raising and lowering elevations easy. It contains small teeth and a lock notch to ensure a tight string line. These collars are easily visible from a distance, unlike pencil marks and is built to last! Pair with StringAlong Stakes for best results.
Marking Pencil
Marking Pencil
  • Writes on wet or dry surfaces
Wall Splitter : Pave Tech
Wall Splitter

Probst Wall Splitter
Pave Tech Part #037002

Weighs: 126 lbs
Cutting Length = 17"
Cutting Height = 3/8" to 12"

- Provides the same look and texture as the split faced block when making corner units
- Large two sided loading table
- One side solid mounted for perfect 90 degree splits
- One side tilt-able to enable undercuts or double angle cuts
- Can be used for pavers
- Floating upper blades ensure uniform contact top and bottom for cleaner, crisper splits
- Four-sided blades top and bottom enable rotating to a fresh blade, should a blade wear

* Not recommended or warranted for use on natural stone *

    TOOLS FOR PAVERS BLOCK  38 Items   Displaying 31 - 38
1  | 2
Catalog Products(48) Hard Products(12) Tools for Paver(38)

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